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About MJ:

I was involved in stock trading early in my life. My father was my first mentor, who was an active stock trader. I remember seeing him make bar charts with pencil and ruler. I was only a young boy in elementary school.
Almost four decades later, in the year 2002, I left the operations of Castle Group Inc., a registered investment counsel that I co-founded, to become a full time stock trader.
I applied both fundamental and technical analysis in my trading. However, I believe the key of successful investing is the correct assessment of emerging trends.
My education and career experience have been in the science and engineering fields. Before Castle Group Investment Counsel, I have devoted many years in Silicon Valley companies developing state of the art technologies.
I have a from National Taiwan University and a M.S. degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook.

About the journal:

The journal is not intended to give market predictions or suggest profitable trading. Rather, it is to share the constant conflicts of market forces and hence, the constant struggle in the mind of a stock trader.
Due to the nature of competition, it is by definition impossible for any market model to stay effective for a long time. As the result, a stock trader must continue to strive to stay ahead of the crowd...and therefore, ahead of the market. Remember, to beat the market means that, you must be faster than the market.
For those stock traders who read this blog: I hope the journal will help you understand the challenge, guide you to look at the critical areas, and make good trading decisions.